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Friday, February 4, 2011

Is it time to check your direction?

I am listening to another business coach, talk about doing a 1 page plan. Something that is like your compass and direction for your business. But what about life? How many of us have values and goals for our life that function the same way… like our moral compass? Have we written out our life goals and plans? Does our business plans line up with our personal plans?

What is our guideline, our values, our goals? It use to be that the Bible was the foundation which our society was built on. This is what told us stealing was wrong, dishonoring another was wrong and honoring and lifting people up is right. This is what was the moral compass of our Nation. It is interesting to see those who follow God's laws, whether they profess Him as Lord or not, do walk under a blessing. Why? Because God's way works; plain and simple. And those who don't? Well they may prosper for a while, but eventually they fail.

David Allen talks about business planing using an analogy of an airplane. From the tarmac to 30,000 ft in the air. You can get his book "Getting Things Done" The idea is that you have to have the airplane built and know where your going.

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