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Monday, February 24, 2014

Internet and Touch Screens

Internet and Touch Screens

2014’s new technology trends will continue to change the way we do Internet business and put user experience to the top of the list. This is a brief theory for you to read.

In the last month, I have been browsing new laptops and desktops, to replace a few office computers. I noticed that the majority of manufacturers with Windows 8 OS have gone to touch screen. Not only have they gone touch screen, but they are forcing the market on all laptops and desktops. Even Google’s Chrome books are getting into it.

So, it looks like a melding of device platforms? In my opinion, I believe we are experiencing the development of OS for a Smart Phone and Tablet being hybridized in Laptop and Desktop computers.

What does this mean? Well, let me reformat my question. What does this mean to the end user and the internet experience? The question I have asked will be the most important topic for this year and the following year!

The Technical

What will happen to HTML and XHTML? I do not think anything will happen to them. If anything, some web designers will try to solidify that it is no longer needed and will only use it to wrap their “proprietary code” and then charge you extra for this new feature.

I am not a code person, but I do know the basics and I will be the first to say, stop blowing smoke! Over the last few months, I have changed my demeanor to be more friendly, toward web designers. Yes, new code formats will have to come into play, and companies like Apple, Google, and Windows will have to agree to be more cordial in interfacing their platforms with each other.

When smart mobile devices became more common, websites had to have a separate mobile platform. I used to argue that there was no need for that theory, or if anything, it should already be included in any web-design. HTML was the deciding factor until the big players started wrapping their code in “native” and the website URLs for mobile became rather than I see things will finally go my way now that the touch screen PCs are all that is being sold.* It will return to one website for all platforms.

Across the board we will see website platforms being updated, to be more touch responsive. Eventually we will see a blur between traditional websites and mobile websites. As it is right now, with the exception of some of the HTML platforms, the old web platforms are not very friendly to touch enabled PCs and laptops. This will affect user experience!

Written by Rustin Hawver, Director of Internet Marketing, Vision Interface