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Friday, September 10, 2010

Joyful Productivity...

I just listened to a call hosted by Choice Magazine, featuring George Kao. His main theme was you need "joyful productivity" to be successful in whatever you do. No matter if you are an entrepreneur or an employee. His presentation included replacing negative mindsets with positive ones and knowing your why's. But what stood out to me was planning your business or activities around events, be it blog postings, physical events or coaching calls.

So on that note, we here at Vision Interface are planning to do a Strategic planning workshop in October, focusing on planning for the next year. This call is what prompted this blog. I also listened to Eric Ries "The lean start-up" and his main premiss was "quite wasting peoples time" so give me a quick shout back if you would be interested in tools to help start the planning process for next year.

One last thing, if you are on facebook, jump on to our page and become a fan! Join in or start a discussion and use it as a tool. I'll add more stuff as I see more people jumping on.

Until next time... be joyful!