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Monday, July 18, 2011

Creative SEO

As we grow and learn more about the ever changing world of internet marketing, we are convinced that nobody (admittedly, even us) quite nows how to use the internet correctly. Google and Facebook are still trying to define what and how they should best work with all the members searching, chatting, selling, shopping and playing games on the world wide web.

With all the noise out there, we are coming up against the age old question, how do I make my voice heard? Here is our solution: First, hire us to do your SEO... but then we will ask you who is your ideal client is...then put yourself in their shoes... what would they be typing in searching for your product or service? Intersperse these words into your content. Second focus on your links! Use the tools out there, the best one we recommend is Wikipeda and put your business on there properly, comment on relevant stuff, please read and follow their rules, and do donate to their cause. If you do it right, you have easily searchable credible link to your site.