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Friday, October 14, 2011

Listen before you speak!

I was on a post of sorts where someone asked a business question and 20+ well qualified people answered with: 'check out our services", or "we can help you", or something of that sort. It kind of bugged me, cause no one asked for clarification, or exactly what that person was looking for, no one took time to listen to what the person really needed.

It’s always best to be the first responder to a question or a request for services. But, even if you are not the first, don’t just jump out there and ask for the sale. Take a bit of time and build some rapport. You have to establish trust before you can make a sale. Your reply should not be all about you and your services. Find out what your potential client needs, what are they looking for? Do your services fit their need or would they be better serviced by someone else? Even if you refer them, you will build a loyal customer for the future, because you are looking out for their best, they will remember that!

If you can fulfill their need, then move on to the sale part, quoting them a price and answering questions. The last thing is make sure your delivery is good! Over and beyond what is expected. If you do that, then they may speak highly of you on the web list or forum you first connected with them and you have a greater chance of garnering more clients of that list.

Just food for thought... In sells, it’s not all about me or my product. It’s about the client and their needs.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Creative SEO

As we grow and learn more about the ever changing world of internet marketing, we are convinced that nobody (admittedly, even us) quite nows how to use the internet correctly. Google and Facebook are still trying to define what and how they should best work with all the members searching, chatting, selling, shopping and playing games on the world wide web.

With all the noise out there, we are coming up against the age old question, how do I make my voice heard? Here is our solution: First, hire us to do your SEO... but then we will ask you who is your ideal client is...then put yourself in their shoes... what would they be typing in searching for your product or service? Intersperse these words into your content. Second focus on your links! Use the tools out there, the best one we recommend is Wikipeda and put your business on there properly, comment on relevant stuff, please read and follow their rules, and do donate to their cause. If you do it right, you have easily searchable credible link to your site.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

AB 155

AB 155 (Charles Calderon)
Use Tax: Retailer engaged in business
This is the death of Amazon affiliates in CA. So rather than put in coding to charge sales tax, Amazon pulled out. This is not the first state that Amazon has pulled out of. They have also pulled out of Rhode Island, and North Carolina for the same reason. Now the playing field is even for the brick and mortar stores who have to charge sales tax within these states.

Now the question is raised, what about Google? As a California based Company, will they now be forced to tack on CA sales tax to every californian who purchases Ad Since or Ad Words or is it a tax just for the CA representatives?

What about other affiliate marketing? Is that whole income revenue going to morph or get dumped in the change? The Internet is changing once again, as the government wants their piece of the pie.

I guess on this one, we will have to stay tuned.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Is it time to check your direction?

I am listening to another business coach, talk about doing a 1 page plan. Something that is like your compass and direction for your business. But what about life? How many of us have values and goals for our life that function the same way… like our moral compass? Have we written out our life goals and plans? Does our business plans line up with our personal plans?

What is our guideline, our values, our goals? It use to be that the Bible was the foundation which our society was built on. This is what told us stealing was wrong, dishonoring another was wrong and honoring and lifting people up is right. This is what was the moral compass of our Nation. It is interesting to see those who follow God's laws, whether they profess Him as Lord or not, do walk under a blessing. Why? Because God's way works; plain and simple. And those who don't? Well they may prosper for a while, but eventually they fail.

David Allen talks about business planing using an analogy of an airplane. From the tarmac to 30,000 ft in the air. You can get his book "Getting Things Done" The idea is that you have to have the airplane built and know where your going.