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Friday, July 13, 2012

Out with Panda, in with Penguin.

 Rustin wrote this informational article for SEMA about two months ago. I was reading it and thought it was worth passing on for those who got caught in Google's algorithm changes. Sorry I am late in re-posting. Let us know what you think... feedback is always welcome!
OK SEMA Online Marketers! The new google algorithm is called Penguin. Once again this is directed at Bad SEO and over SEOed websites! Unlike Panda this one is more aggressive. If your doing things out of the normal routine, then you are in jeopardy. If you are trying to beat Google's pay per click advertising with link juicing or any means of manipulations to gain a higher ranking. WATCH OUT! None of our websites have been hit. I doubt that they ever will, because we do things on a natural level. So to re-cap on your website. 1. Have good content that is related and meant to be about you. Have plenty of content. It needs to be 45-55% of your code. 2. Title Tags are extremely important. So make sure you have the right keyword in the right title tag, and keep them short. All title tags should be less then 70 characters including spaces. 3. You don't need to be keyword rich on your home page. Spread them around. Put your main keywords on there and spread the rest around so it looks natural. 4. Stay away from generic keywords, you will loose every time! What I mean is, stay away from keywords like Ford, GM, and Chrysler. How many people are actual going to find your products or service just through those three? 5. With number 4 said, then an excellent keyword search is a must. With a good keyword search you can actually gauge what your competition is doing how many people are searching to buy or hire your services, and it shows what level of competition your going to be at. 6. Keep your anchor texts down to a minimum. you need to be below 60% 7. Have proper Branding! If you don't know who you are, chance are the search engines and your future public have no clue who you are. (you can't be found) If your trying to become number one in Google rankings with the keywords you have; you must be paying anywhere from $500 to $5,000 plus per week in pay per click adds. Google has stated they would rather give discounts to it's PPC clients if they followed the rules. So you need to really look at your website. Does your website convert traffic? SEO people get into trouble for saying that they can guarantee sales and conversions. They are wrong. Some of the Top SEO experts that I have rubbed shoulders with said this can't be done. They say we can send traffic, build cloud cover, and create high quality links that will send the right traffic ready to give you their cash. That's where the website traffic conversion comes in. I don't do website conversion, I only do SEO. I'm going to put this in military terms for what we do. If your a new website or internet business you have to send in the Marines for a full beach assault. So you need to do some reconnaissance (keyword search) Then you need to send in the Marines with the right directions. While your doing that. You have to have a good propaganda campaign to let everyone know what your doing and not get freaked out (this is where the authoritative comes in). You don't want to be perceived as the enemy by all of the locals. So you use press-releases, blogging from outside sources, ETC. This is where a good SEO technician comes in. We use all of the local and national buzz-makers on the internet to create a cloud of information around your website. And this brings quality web-traffic. If your website converts you will see a good return on investment.