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Friday, August 31, 2012

Is your website an accident waiting to happen?

We were working with a client yesterday, explaining how organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works.  We talked about how It works with various blogs, websites and social media that start creating a buzz about your website.  As we talked, his comment was “so …. It takes the accident out of your clients finding you on-line.”  When I heard this, I knew he got it! I thought how many of us, throw something up and just hope that people find it.  We don’t plan or strategize, who we are reaching out to, or if we are even reaching out at all… nor do we calculate the return on that investment, which our websites may bring, if positioned in the right place, saying the right thing.
Attached are a few steps to take to take the accident out of reaching your potential clients:
Know who your potential clients are!
a.       Both on –line and off, 
                                                               i.      What are their ages and gender
                                                             ii.      Likes and dislikes
                                                            iii.      Their technology use (computers, smart phones, ipads, etc, )
                                                           iv.      Their time use?  -  When are they looking for you?
                                                             v.      Where do they hangout?  (Facebook? Forums? )

2.       Write your content with a few things in mind
a.       Your readers and conversion rate… does your website have a call to action?
b.      Does your website load fast?
c.       Is it easy to navigate?
d.      Are your Key words correctly placed throughout the website?

3.       What is your level of marketing?
a.       What can you realistically spend on getting your message out there?
b.      What modes do you want to use (both on and off line).
c.       Find out who you can trust to help you get your message out and heard, and at what level.
(Shameless plug) We can help you refine your message and get it out through organic SEO services!  We can make sure you reach your clients on purpose, not just by accident!

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