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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Show

Every year we love going to the Bull and Gelding show, walking around and talking to the vendors. Or goal is to help those venders also improve their marketing and on-line presence.

This year we found that more and more have facebook and twitter icons on their cards. Others we talked to wanted to know more about it and few wanted nothing to do with it.

No one had any use of QR tags on their cards, labels or banners. These were what we focused on to share with the vendors.

You may have come to this blog from our brochure, where there is a QR code tag leading you here. You can use this same type of thing to get your potential client to your site or blog for more information or to be able to re-order product. They can be as plain or as detail as you want.

Contact us for more information to and get your QR tags working for you today!

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